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guiding hopeful entrepreneurs to gain clarity, get off the fence and take action to start their business 



  • A 9-5er who wants to start a side hustle, but you don't know which dream to chase and would love to know where to focus your effort

  • A new mum who doesn't want to return to their 9-5 when maternity leave ends and wants clear steps to get a business up and running

  • Someone how has an idea for a business but you haven't take action because all this business and marketing stuff is so confusing.

Save yourself time, energy and headaches by getting clarity from day one.  This means starting the right business and focusing your efforts on what actually matters. The only real way to know if a business will work is to START!

How can Intuitive Business Coaching help you?

If you're sitting there wondering if you should start an Instagram or Tiktok account, focus on your name and logo before starting anything else, or going back and forth wondering whether to sell products or offer services - Intuitive Business Coaching is for you.

You're right for Intuitive Business Coaching if:

  • You're worried you'll make the wrong decision, so you're second-guessing everything but feeling your 9-5 sucking the life out of you and desperate for a change.

  • Those external voices have squashed your dreams. Maybe a friend thought your idea wasn't great, or all that information you googled has you frozen because it all seems too complicated and confusing.

  • Thoughts like "I don't have what it takes" has you sitting on the sidelines. Your friends have started businesses but you think there's some special about them and they don't care what people think (Hint: everyone cares what people think, everyone fears failure)

I get it, I've been there. I've had friends pick apart my idea for my dream business, felt overwhelmed by all the information out there - wondering what to act on and what to ignore, and spent WAY too much time thinking about a business name and not on things that matter (like who could benefit from my offerings).​

Since I've started started my business, I've also witnessed lots of people do the same. Not feel good enough, get overwhelmed, second-guess their ideas, some even tell me they'd love to start a business but don't have an idea yet... but thanks to my Intuitive abilities I'm able to ignore what they're saying and see (energetically) that they DO have a great idea. 

This could be you...

  • Soon you're hitting 'publish' on a website, you have an Instagram account and that feeling like you're driving a car alone for the first time. Nervous, excited but really proud - because YOU did it!

  • Your first official customer is raving about you to their friends and transferring money into your bank account, money that is for something YOU created.

  • You've cut your hours at your 9-5 and Fridays are now YOUR day to strategise new ideas for your business, chat to happy customers whilst sipping lattes at your local cafe

  • You feel happier than you've ever been because you have a sense of purpose and feel like all your abilities and strengths are being utilitised 

Why work with me?

I'm a business coach with a secret weapon. My Intuitive abilities. 

They help me tap into the energy of what you want to create and assess where you're at currently. So I can see if there's any barriers we need to overcome, like:


  • Limiting beliefs holding you back (I'm too scared to show my face on social media, no-one cares what I think, I'm not good enough for this, I'm not smart enough for this)

  • Misalignment with what you say you want and what might actually be right for you (you might want to sell products but I'll see you'd love freedom of location - so being near a warehouse might not be right, you might say you want to sell plants, but I'll see you'd secretly love to sell baby products)

  •  I can also tap into opportunities for you to explore (like who to network with, where to advertise your business and where you could expand).

To top it off I have a degree in Business (Marketing) and over 15 years of experience working in marketing. I've utilised my skillset across the private, corporate and NFP sectors.  Here's my credentials:

  • Bachelor's Degree in Business (Marketing)

  • Diploma Event Management

  • B-School (The gold-standard online training experience for entrepreneurs and values-driven creatives who want to build a meaningful, profitable business by Marie Forleo)

  • Copy Cure (The online training course that teaches how to write copy that's powerful, persuasive, and 100% YOU)

  • Digital Course Academy (The most comprehensive program for validating, creating, launching and selling your digital course by Amy Porterfield)

  • List Builders Academy (Amy Porterfield's program on building an email list that supports your business for years to come)

  • Launch Hero (The course that teaches how to write launch emails that seed interest, whip up desire, & make bank. An email copywriting "mini" course with mega results)

  • Instant Personality Kit (Laura Belgray's online course that teaches how to get paid to be you, how to inject your business with your personality)

  • SEO and PPC short course - The Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing London

This isn't about manifesting, it's about action.

I might be the most grounded Intuitive you'll ever meet. Most people expect someone in flowing skirts waving incense around. But in case you haven't read my about page,  I spend most my days in jeans and a T-Shirt and my favourite movie is Fight Club. So whilst I very much am spiritual and believe we can shift energy, I'm not what you'd expect.

So yes, I'd love you to have a vision board, and we can talk about energetic techniques you can use to help you get to that vision. Most of  what we'll be doing is breaking that vision down into clear action steps. My goal is for you to see your business change through tangible action.

My Intuitive abilities will guide us on what action to take, but the action is key.

People think manifesting their dreams is just imagining it, feeling it and waiting. The biggest mistake here is a lack of action.

Using my Intuitive abilities and background in business and marketing we'll:​

  • Identify which business to start (if you're ready to start and you've got too many ideas)

  • Identify or revisit your vision, running a business is hard so having a clear vision is absolutely essential

  • Align your branding with your vision, and make sure it's representing YOU - this helps attract the kind of people you want to attract to your business

  • Clarify your messaging, content and copy (technical term for the words you use on Social media, google ads, websites - essentially the way you talk about your business to customers)

  • Identify your unique skillset so you can lean into what will make you a success

  • Work through any limiting beliefs you might have, lack of self belief or imposter syndrome that's holding you back

Intuitive Business Coaching is right for you if you're:

  • A budding business owner,  aware that running a business isn't easy, you're ready to take action and ownership of your decisions

  • Willing or confident to trust yourself. You don't want to be told what to do, you're after guidance and then you'll run every idea past your own inner wisdom and take action accordingly

  • Someone with at least one idea you're ready to start

Who is Intuitive Business Coaching not suitable for?

  • 9-5ers who want to start a business, but don't have an idea yet. You're more suited to an Intuitive Guidance session to start, you can book that here. An Intuitive Guidances session will help you tap into some possible ideas for you to go away and mull on.

  • People that want to be told what to do. Running a business is not an easy thing, it's so important that even if you take guidance, you are the one in the drivers seat taking responsibility for you choices. My role is to provide the insight and your role is to act on what you feel makes the most sense for you.

  • Someone at a crossroads in their career, but you don't own your own business. I can definitely help you, but the best way currently will be through Intuitive Guidance sessions. Here we can decide whether you're in the right career but maybe in the wrong workplace, whether a lateral or complete shift is required.

  • People that are wanting to get rich quick. My services are about building solid foundations and an honest  sustainable business. 

  • People wanting legal, financial, tax. It's essential that you seek out independent legal, financial and tax implications in your own state and country as I won't be providing information on this. 

  • People wanting major tech support. I consider myself reasonably techy and can guide you on some high level things, but this service won't go extensively into tech support (see packages for specific details).

Book a session energy

Schedule your session

Can't find a time that suits you? Let's find one that does

*Medical & Legal Disclaimer

Readings, particularly those focusing on health, are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice and should not be relied on as health or personal advice.

Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other qualified health or legal professional with any questions you may have especially when it comes to health and business concerns.

** Cancellation Policy 
Please note that for all sessions booked I kindly ask that at least 24 hours notice is given if you need to cancel your session, being mindful of my time and that of other clients wishing to book in. Sessions cancelled within 3 hours of the session will incur a full fee, I thank you for your understanding.


Both an Intuitive Guidance session and energy healing will help move you forward. An Intuitive Guidance is similar to a counseling session in that we will discuss what difficulties you're facing and I will use my intuitive abilities to read the energy of what you are facing. You will be given clear steps and information to help you make decisions and create a path forward. 

Energy healings will include a discussion of what you're facing, but there is a lot less back and forth as I will be utilising many different energy techniques to shift your energy, remove blocks and help you find balance. We can certainly do a mixture of both in any one session too. If you're unsure what you need, please contact me. 


Healing doesn't work the way we think it will. A lot of time in healing we can feel worse before we feel better. Sometimes you might even experience a flare-up after a session before things get better. Some things will clear very quickly and others can take time. You are the best guide as to what you need. 

Often people prefer to book multiple sessions, so I'd always recommend the 3-pack for best value.


Absolutely! Energy healing is not a replacement for working with medicine practitioners, getting blood tests, and figuring out what the physical body needs. Energy healing is a great complementary service to help you heal the whole system. Physical, emotional, and energetic. It will help you see the possible root cause for some of your physical ailments. When it comes to things like addiction, it can help address the initial seed that created the symptom. When it comes to your fertility journey, you can continue to work with your naturopaths, IVF team and gynaecologist. Energy healings are a great way to deep dive into the root cause and not just put bandaids on top of band-aids.



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