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Don't strive for happiness, try this instead

A client asked me once why we are here on the planet. What a big question!

The answer I received really resonated and it can help you navigate the ups and downs of life:

We are here on the planet to experience the full spectrum of human emotion

We're led to believe that we are here to be happy, we are encouraged to shift and bend everything to get to that place.

But it's this striving to be happy that leaves us feeling unhappy.

Knowing that life isn't always going to be perfect can certainly make life easier and this will help you understand why things might happen the way they do.

From a soul perspective, it makes sense that we'd want to experience everything the human experience has to offer.

But even from a human perspective, we know from our own experience that growth comes from difficulty, our strengths were created when we overcame something.

I don't know about you, but in time, I reflect back with appreciation for the difficulties in my life.

These days I feel really proud when I have a breakthrough when I push past the icky feelings of discomfort and find myself capable of something I didn't think I was.

Join me for a deeper dive in this episode of The Louise Fitzgerald Podcast, Why are we on the planet, below:

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Love Louise xx

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