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If you're struggling to express the real you, you're not alone, and here's why...

It's really hard to be ourselves, to express ourselves fully, for so many reasons.

One of those reasons is our human need to fit in.

So if we start to express ourselves and feel different from everyone around us, we'll likely go back into our shell.

Knowing exactly why it's hard to trust ourselves is the first step. We need to know the barriers to so we can knock them down.

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One practical solution is to find some 'new tribes' that match the real expression of who you are.

Does this mean getting rid of everyone in your life? No, it just means making sure you're adding in some new people that allow you to comfortably express yourself.

I invite you to self-reflect and see if you could surround yourself with some new people in your life, that align with your interests, values, and who you are today?

The more authentic you are, the happier you'll be, which is why I've created a new online course Blissful Living - to help you be more authentic!

You'll also learn how to navigate the mental roadblocks, past experiences, and limiting beliefs that could be holding you back in life. So you can:

  • Confidently make decisions like which house to buy, how to move forward in your business, whether now is the right time to move overseas

  • Trust yourself and who you are so you can negotiate a salary that matches your worth

  • Be yourself so can you stop going on so-so dates and attract someone you can't wait to see again

  • Simplify your life and clear your mind so worrying about the future isn't keeping you swirling in your sheets each night

And click here to contact me if you have any questions.

Louise xx


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