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Overwhelmed? Always in a hurry? How to change your relationship with being busy

Do you feel like you're always running?

Are you always saying "I'm so busy"?

Do you feel like you need to learn how to slow down? That something needs to change?

Your overwhelm can feel so big that you don't know how to tackle it. So coming at it from different angles with simple questions can help to start breaking it down into manageable pieces.

How much of your overwhelm, busyness, and that feeling of always being in a hurry is justified?

I'd say there will be a big proportion of your overwhelm where anyone would look at your to-do list and be able to see how clear it is that you have too much on. But today, I'm not going to help you figure out how to be more productive, and faster at doing what you're doing (even though this can be done and I do cover it).

Today's question digs a little deeper. But don't get squeamish, I'm here with you. And because this question is so crucial to change your relationship with busy, it's key to answer it.

If you feel that you need to learn how to slow down, if you feel like something needs to change, if you feel like you can't keep up this pace forever, then let's change it!

Pull out your journal, and ask yourself this question:

What am I trying to avoid by always being busy?

Followed by this question:

What part of me is used to or likes being busy? There might be some little or big things that arise here. And I know in my journey, I continue to ask myself these questions.

Because I can teach you how to be more productive, I can teach you boundaries, I can teach you to meditate so you can smash your work. BUT, if you don't also address your relationship with being busy, you'll just find more things to do.

So, whilst I am tempted here to give you some journal prompts, I want you to see what arises for you. And if you're thinking - now what?! Know that I am just an email away and can send you some next-step tips.

And because overwhelm can feel like a beast so big you don't know how to tackle. I've created this FREE GUIDE - 5 instant stress relievers to stop feeling so exhausted. Start shifting that dial to feeling more joy and freedom now. Get your free guide here.


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