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The secret to finding hope & motivation again

People don't admit this often, but let's get real. It's kind of easy to lose hope, right?

When things aren't going your way or how you thought they should, it doesn't take long to think "this thing will never happen for me" or "it simply isn't possible" or maybe "I'm just not the kind of person that will get what I want in life".

But there's a big reason why you can slip into this place, and it's a game changer to know this...

It's called negativity bias.

Us humans are naturally wired to see the negative over the positive. So you're not alone. And if you're feeling bad that you feel bad, this should let you off the hook.

This sneaky little thing called negativity bias can send you into a spiral: you're naturally wired to see the negative, you feel bad for feeling bad, and down you go. Your hope and motivation find their closest exit.

So when you've lost your hope and motivation, this one question will change everything:

"Is there something in your life that you have now, that you never thought was possible?"

For me, I thought I would be dating until I was old and grey. Dating apps felt like the worst and I thought I'd be swiping left and right forever. Having a stable healthy relationship wasn't something I had ever experienced. So when it came to hope on this topic - I didn't have it.

If you've never experienced something before, it can be hard to believe it will ever enter your life.

So how can we ever expand or level up if our expectation is only to have what we've known, or what our parents had?

The key is to keep reminding yourself of the things in your life that you have now that you never thought were possible.

Little by little, you'll start building up hope and possibility. You'll be reminded that you can't see the future, you don't always know what is in store, and that this is the exciting and amazing thing about life.

That's exactly what I did, I was willing to receive the rejections and setbacks and timelines that weren't what I expected because I trusted that something even better was on its way.

And eventually, my hope turned into reality. I left swipe culture and met someone beyond what I thought was possible.

And you deserve this too...

To get some more tips on hope and motivation, listen to the podcast episode below. And be sure to let me know what you think and how you plan to integrate these tips into your life.

p.s. you can also find the podcast here on Spotify and here on Apple Podcasts.


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