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for fertility and your pregnancy journey


  • Wishing that next month you'll finally see 'positive' on a stick you just pee'd on

  • Sick of everyone telling you 'not to stress' when your days are filled with trying to hold down a job, a social life, eat well, take your vitamins and exercise 

  • Working on healing trauma and grief from miscarriage whilst trying to conceive and 'stay positive'

  • Needing support to feel more calm and grounded in your pregnancy, and tools to help you feel reassured and confident that you can navigate this new and ever changing stage of life

Whether you're just starting out on your fertility journey, or you're across all the lingo of LH surges, hCG and IVF, or already navigating the changes of pregnancy - an energy healing is the support tool you'll wish you started sooner.

How can Energy Healings support you on your fertility journey?

Deciding to become a parent can start one of the biggest personal and spiritual growth journeys you can ever go on.

So much can be brought forth to heal and navigate, including, your relationship to yourself and your body, your partner, friends and family.

The journey can be long and it can really start to weigh on you, making it hard to focus at work, sleep at night and it can put a strain on your relationships. 

You don't need to go it alone. 

A session on fertility is always aimed primarily on helping boost your chances of getting pregnant if that is your current goal.


And a session may include:

  • Energetically clearing out the reproductive system to support fertility

  • Identifying and clearing fears, limiting beliefs and past difficult experiences

  • Grief and loss support to help you heal from the unfortunate but common experience of miscarriage

  • An intuitive health scan to see if there are any physical health considerations for you AND your partner (Fun fact: I can check your partner without them being in the session)

  • Processing the stress and difficult emotions that come with trying to conceive and pregnancy, as well as giving you quick and practical stress relief tips to fit into your day (no long meditations I promise, unless you want to)

This period of trying to conceive is a big opportunity to let go of your old life before you step into a new life, and create a new life.

Preparing your body, mind and spirit for pregnancy is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. 

Feel lighter and brighter as you try to conceive, and prepare your body, mind and spirit for pregnancy, birth and parenthood.

Just like you'd prepare a physical nursery room, my energy healing will focus on clearing out old energy to create a clean, clear and welcome space for your baby to make home for about 10 months.

How do the sessions work? 


The sessions are done completely remotely, so I can complete the distance healing on you wherever you are in the world. It's all done via Zoom. 


We will talk through where you're at in your journey right now so we can adjust the session to your unique situation.


If you have a partner on your conception journey, I will also do an intuitive health scan on them, they don't need to be on the call for this to occur.

Why work with me?

I've helped 100s of people using my natural born intuitive abilities and continued my training with experts in my field to ensure I have multiple tools in my belt to support your healing. Some of the techniques I've been trained in include:

  • Body scan for identifying health issues

  • Light energy healing

  • Shamanic healing techniques

  • Clairvoyant energy healing

  • Remote viewing

  • Past life healing

  • Akashic Records

  • Attended training in the Bengston Energy Healing Method®.

  • Charlie Goldsmith Energy Intensive training

If you're familiar with these techniques you really know your stuff, if you aren't it's totally fine, I wouldn't expect you to. Once we connect I will use the technique that is required for your unique situation. 

I'm also a certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher so will integrate techniques to support you with stress relief.


I saw Louise for online sessions when I was having some complications during my first pregnancy. I was very anxious during this time so decided to access some support in addition to my usual psychology sessions.
The sessions I had with Louise helped me feel more calm and grounded. I felt reassured and more confident that I could deal with the unpredictability of my situation.
I also came away with some useful strategies that I could use when feeling overwhelmed.
I would recommend reaching out to Louise if you need some extra reassurance, support during your fertility and pregnancy journey.


Healing doesn't work the way we think it will. A lot of time in healing we can feel worse before we feel better. A lot of clients will report experiencing a lot of emotions arise, being in a higher state of anxiety initially, a flare up of symptoms such as endometriosis, period pain before they feel better. Some things will clear very quickly and others can take time. You are the best guide as to what you need. Often people prefer to book multiple sessions, so I'd always recommend the 3-pack for best value.


Absolutely! Energy healing is not a replacement for working with medical practitioners, getting blood tests, and figuring out what the physical body needs. Energy healing is a great complementary service to help you heal the whole system. Physical, emotional, and energetic. It will help you see the possible root cause for some of your physical ailments. You can continue to work with your naturopaths, IVF team and gynaecologist. Energy healings are a great way to deep dive into the root cause and not just put bandaids on top of band-aids. You can choose to try energy healings before IVF or in conjunction, it won't affect your treatments.


Similar to IVF, acupuncture & diet shifts there are no guarantees, but I've certainly had positive outcomes with clients using energy healing to support their fertility.

It's been an invaluable tool for many in navigating the personal and spiritual journey their on, whilst boosting their chances.

Energy healings will also reduce the stress of the journey you're on and make you feel lighter and brighter. 

Sessions are a safe space to share your grief and loss journey as well as discuss the potential path forward and fears around a future without children.

I'm here to support you wherever you're at in your journey.

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*Medical & Legal Disclaimer

Readings, particularly those focusing on health, are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice and should not be relied on as health or personal advice.

Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other qualified health or legal professional with any questions you may have especially when it comes to health and business concerns.

** Cancellation Policy 
Please note that for all sessions booked I kindly ask that at least 24 hours notice is given if you need to cancel your session, being mindful of my time and that of other clients wishing to book in. Sessions cancelled within 3 hours of the session will incur a full fee, I thank you for your understanding.

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