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Guiding you to find clarity & confidence in life's big moments

Break free from limitations, trust yourself and take action


  • Twirling in the sheets, worried you'll make the wrong decisions in life and it's leaving you paralysed?

  • Seeing repeating patterns play out in life that you don't know how to break?

  • Struggling to escape that negative voice in your head, stay positive and take action in life?

If you need help knocking down those hurdles that are in the way of your goals, and you're ready to change. I got you!

I've helped 100s of driven people shift their mindset and discover a new way of living...  

Are you experiencing self-doubt and don't trust and believe that your dreams are possible?

  • Feeling lost and confused about your next steps, and your life feels out of your control?

  • Second-guessing yourself so much you need paracetamol?

  • Struggling to push away that negative voice in your head that is fuelling your fears and keeping your dreams on a shelf?

It's normal that this would lead to state of tiredness, lack of motivation and hope. So if that's where you're at, it's ok.

The good news is, you're here, you're ready for change, and we can make it happen!


  • Speaking up and being valued for your opinion at work and getting that promotion

  • Overcoming the fear of rejection, leaving time-wasters on dating apps behind, and feeling hopeful that your person is coming

  • Finally pressing publish on your new website and launching the side-biz you've been dreaming of

  • Communicating your needs at home and feeling like you're on the same page with your partner

Intuitive coaching will help you

  1. Break free from people pleasing and overcome any fear around letting people down, ending the need to put other people's needs above your own.

  2. Get clarity around limiting beliefs you might not be aware of, giving you clarity around why that thing you want is so hard to grasp

  3. Help you process those emotions that keep your mind racing at night. You'll be waking up each day feeling energised instead of exhausted and uninspired 

  4. Understand what's keeping you feeling stuck and open you up to a new way of seeing things. You'll know what in your life needs to change and you'll have the mindset shift and confidence to make those decisions

  5. Move through life with more clarity and confidence to make decisions, to speak up, and to feel really proud of yourself in the process. That negative voice in your head and unhelpful emotions will no longer be driving the car of your life.

Are intuitive guidance sessions right for me?

  • Is your past consuming your mind, making it difficult to move forward?

  • Has the way you've always solved your life's problems, by chasing, doing, and thinking no longer working?

  • Do you lay awake at night consumed by decisions you don't know how to solve, and feeling like you don't know what direction to take? 

  • Are you completely fed up with all the above?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above, I hear you. I see you. And I can help you break that cycle that needs to be broken.

How do the sessions work?

All sessions are held online via Zoom, so I work with people around the world. 

We'll chat about the different areas of your life concerning you so we know where to focus our time in the session.

Using my intuitive abilities (read more about my story here)  I'll take a birds-eye view at some of the common threads tying everything together, including:

  • Fears around making necessary changes

  • Where 'should' is weaving its way into your world

  • Unconscious beliefs you might not be aware of

Because I have this intuitive insight, we can get to the root cause of your situation quicker than it would take you to watch an episode of Love is Blind.

Together we'll remove obstacles, like fear, and limiting beliefs and we'll take the word should from your vocab. We'll get you to a place that requires no snooze button on a Monday morning. Just ask my client Shannon who said, "With Louise's guidance, changing your mindset will change your life".

Why work with me?

Taking decisive action in life isn't an impossible task. And trusting and believing in yourself isn't just for people who are naturally wired that way. 

I know because I'm living proof.

I made decisions in the past that made me doubt I could trust myself. I had boyfriends and bosses make struggle to believe in myself.


I'd lay awake at night second guessing every move. I put others opinions on a pedestal and made big life decisions based on what they said I should do.


The result? I was unhappy, stressed and my life didn't feel my own, my world didn't look the way I wanted it to.

Getting clear on what I truly wanted and learning how to trust and believe in myself changed my life.

An Intuitive Guidance session is like life coaching on steroids thanks to my intuitive abilities. Save yourself the time and emotional drain of going around in circles.

A month from now you could have launched that business, started trying for a baby, met the man of your dreams or negotiated that pay raise.

It all starts with an Intuitive Guidance session, so don't waste any more time, take action and book now.

Intuitive Guidance success stories

People who've worked with me have gone on to:

  • Leave toxic workplaces and find new roles in companies that value them for who they are

  • Start the side hustle they've been thinking about, waving goodbye to their 9-5 and finding total joy waking up each Monday

  • Leave toxic relationships, and are now happily engaged now to the most amazing person who loves them for who they are

  • Take the leap to move cities and find new tribes, new energy and a sense of belonging, because where they were living was just no longer lighting them up

  • Improve their relationships with their partner, making stronger connections through communication and understanding where the other person is coming from

  • Better health, practically by understanding where to focus, questions to ask their doctors and reducing stress that was contributing to their conditions. And of course, energy healing.

  • Understand the root cause of their addiction to give up smoking

These are just some of the ways my clients have made positive change in their life. It all started with getting clarity, overcoming fears and taking action.

“I had the most wonderful experience in my session with Louise. If you're feeling stuck, unsure or just need a little bit of guidance, reach out to her!! Highly highly recommend."
“I approached Louise when I had a roadblock and couldn't think clearly. She provided insight and clarity on where I was at in my life and opened my eyes on different pathways I could take. Louise is gentle, friendly and easy to talk to. Prior to my session with Louise, I felt lost, confused and lacked confidence. After my session with Louise, I felt more lifted, positive and certain in moving forward with my decision. This is the reason why I continue to go back to Louise for an Intuitive Guidance Session..”
"I recommend Louise to help you feel more authentically you. Every conversation I have with her I walk away motivated and inspired, but also more graceful with myself." 
“Whenever I feel like I need advice or reassurance that I'm on the right life path I book an Intuitive Guidance session with Louise. She's such a warm person, I feel really comfortable opening up and asking her questions. Her Intuitive Guidance sessions have taught me to open my mind and see things in a different way and I'll always be grateful for that."
- Steph.
"Connecting with Louise was most certainly a 2021 highlight. Her gentle, invitational yet congruent guidance has supported me immensely in accessing more clarity and confidence in my journey, in my life. I get lost in Louise's guidance sessions, learning more about myself each time and exploring alternative perspectives.I have accessed more self awareness which has been supportive not only personally but professionally. Thank you Louise for holding space so beautifully. You are extremely gifted at what you do."
- Fiona
“I was extremely impressed with the reading I had with Louise. Prior to going into the session I was confused about many aspects in my life and looking for some guidance. I left the session with a weight off my shoulders. I felt comfortable as Louise was welcoming and extremely professional. I will definitely return and highly recommend a session with Louise."
- Molly.
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*Medical & Legal Disclaimer

Readings, particularly those focusing on health, are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice and should not be relied on as health or personal advice.

Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other qualified health or legal professional with any questions you may have especially when it comes to health and business concerns.

** Cancellation Policy 
Please note that for all sessions booked I kindly ask that at least 24 hours notice is given if you need to cancel your session, being mindful of my time and that of other clients wishing to book in. Sessions cancelled within 3 hours of the session will incur a full fee, I thank you for your understanding.

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