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Shift your mindset and energy to attract and be ready for your dream person 


  • Struggling to stay positive whilst navigating the constant roller-coaster of highs and lows that dating can bring

  • Losing hope that there's any good ones left and totally drained by the whole process

  • Seemingly attracting the same kind of people and would love to move past your past and tell a new story

Save yourself the time and emotional drain of going around in dating circles. Shift your energy and mindset to not only attract the right partner, but be ready for them!

How can dating and relationship coaching help you?

In my opinion it's never been more difficult to be single and dating since the introduction of apps and technology. As someone who has dated before apps and during apps, I understand exactly what the difficulties you're going through.

The biggest difficulty is not having many people in your life that truly understand it. Most of your friends and family have no idea what it's like. They can't impart wisdom, they can't give you tips and even just listen and understand your experience.

The reason it's so complicated to navigate is because you're a pioneer for this generation of daters. The good news is, with a bit of a blueprint or roadmap and guidance from someone who has been there, it can get a whole lot easier.

Working with me you'll be able to take back your time and energy so it doesn't feel like such a roller-coaster. You'll also build a stronger sense of self so you attract the right partner and feel ready for them.

This could be you...

  • You're no longer nervous on dates, you're not walking in thinking "will they like me", you're asking yourself "will I like them", you're relaxed, open and positive about meeting new people.

  • You're no longer thinking "there's no good ones left", you've got a vision in your mind of your future person, but you're loving life until you meet them.

  • You've forgiven your past and feel stronger than ever, ready to meet 'your person'. Not only is dating easier but you've set yourself up for a successful loving, long-term relationship.

Why work with me?

In short, I've been exactly where you are now. Wondering if I'd ever meet someone and wasting energy on all the wrong people, exhausted by the process but still wanting to meet my person.  


So I kept putting myself out there, despite it not always being the most fun. I shifted my mindset and approach, and worked on my relationship with myself. It wasn't always easy, but the outcome is more than I could have dreamed. I'm now married to my husband Ray, we live in Sydney with our character of a cat Tao. I really want this for you too!

Using my Intuitive abilities I've worked with 100s of people on shifting the relationship they have with themselves. Supporting them to release and forgive the past and helping them shift their mindset so they can take action on the things that matter to them.

When it comes to dating, nothing has made me happier than seeing my clients years on, engaged, married, buying homes, starting families (including the furry family kind).

What to expect in Dating Reset

Dating Reset is about helping you attract the right partner, but also making sure that you're ready for them too.

Across the three sessions, we'll dive into your unique situation, which could include:

  • Tackling nerves around putting yourself out there, going on dates and chatting to people you've only just met

  • Helping you trust your intuition, pick up on red flags, pick up on whether someone is worth dating a first, second or fifth time. You'll confidently trust that you can break patterns from the past of choosing the wrong people

  • Strategies and accountability if you'd like to try methods other than online dating

  • Exploring limiting beliefs preventing you from putting yourself out there or attracting good people 

  • Overcoming limiting beliefs like 'there's no good ones left', 'online dating only works for men who like to play the field'

  • Checking the alignment between who you're currently attracting and whether that's right for you moving forward

  • Healing and forgiving the past. This is a big one and essential so we're not taking the past into our future relationships, it also allows you to open up to someone new

  • Deepening your self awareness and your relationship with yourself. You'll learn how to love and respect yourself and your time. Rejection will soon become something you'll celebrate because you want to start repelling the wrong ones to leave space, time and energy for the right ones!

Dating Reset is right for you if you're:

  • Ready to meet the right person. You might be exhausted by dating, but you're willing to keep putting yourself out there again.

  • You treat people respectfully and kindly, even if you turn up on the date and you're 'not feeling it'.

  • Willing to work on yourself too. Dating reset isn't just about making your dating life easier, it's about attracting the right people. It's about getting you ready for a real realtionship by working on your relationship with yourself.

  • Open-minded and willing to look at things differently. Maybe that's assessing the kind of people you've dated in the past, and who you say you want to meet. Maybe that's shifting a belief you have. 

Who is Dating Reset not suitable for?

  • People who are happy playing the field right now and treating dating like a game. 

  • People who aren't into personal growth and putting in the work. 

  • People who are too fixated on 'when' they will meet their person and don't believe they have any control over their situation.

  • People who are too fixated on a person needing to look a certain way. Yes, I believe we need to be attracted to our partner, but wanting specific heights, hair and eye colours is quite limiting when it comes to developing a deep loving relationship.

Alexa Young, CA

"I remember the day I met Louise. It was a tough time in my life and I was finally open to receiving help. I was surprised at how much she was able to tap into my past, present and even future (with the knowledge that I have the power to make decisions to take me on different paths). Louise has helped me process past traumas and cut off links to toxic people. I could not recommend her highly enough! She has a true gift. Do yourself a favour and book in for a session! With Louise's guidance, changing your mindset will change your life."

Morgan James, NY

"I have walked away a clearer person, filled with light and love. Louise provided the most beautiful and warm space and made me feel so comfortable and open.  Louise not only gave guidance but helped me realise blocks in myself which have been stopping me from finding and being open myself to LOVE... Louise has helped me to find the root cause of my blocks and helped me with different techniques to release all I am still holding on to and not forgiving.  I really walked away from my reading with Louise a new person, not only did she clear my energy and blocks, but hearing Louise's reading and intuitive guidance has allowed me to hear what my higher self has been trying to communicate with me for months on end!"
- Caitlin

Schedule your session

Book your first 1hr session using the link below, we can then discuss when you'd like to book your following two sessions. All three sessions must be booked within 3 months.

*Medical & Legal Disclaimer

Readings, particularly those focusing on health, are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice and should not be relied on as health or personal advice.

Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other qualified health or legal professional with any questions you may have especially when it comes to health and business concerns.

** Cancellation Policy 
Please note that for all sessions booked I kindly ask that at least 24 hours notice is given if you need to cancel your session, being mindful of my time and that of other clients wishing to book in. Sessions cancelled within 3 hours of the session will incur a full fee, I thank you for your understanding.

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