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Evening Meditation (release stress and improve sleep)

This quick evening meditation will help you overcome overwhelm by:


  • Helping you release emotions that have arisen throughout the day
  • Release thoughts that keep circling and prevent you from that restful sleep
  • Making sure you wake up energised and able to tackle the day ahead


This one small change in your daily routine will have a big flow on effect. It will break the cycle of exhaustion, and little by little you'll feel more energised each day and start to feel in control again.


Never meditated before? Don't let that worry you, it's a guided meditation that is suitable for beginners or the experienced meditator.


It is deliberately short enough that you can use it every day (or as often as you can - no pressure!) and build up the habit of becoming a regular meditator.


Best meditation for improving sleep, letting go, evening ritual, insomnia

Evening Meditation (release stress and improve sleep)

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