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Inner Compass Journal

The Inner Compass Journal is designed for the highly driven, busy, modern woman.


Life is busy, it's hard to do all the things we need to do…


And sometimes looking after ourselves feels like another stress.


I've felt exactly this way, in trying to reduce my stress, I felt more stressed. 


So I simplified it. I created The Inner Compass Journal- to help you overcome stress and overwhelm.


Self-care doesn't need to be complicated, and it shouldn't be another thing to add to your mental load.


The Inner Compass Journal contains a framework that will:


  • Prompt you to check in with yourself and help build healthy habits that work for you - making sure putting yourself first isn't just a concept or something you 'should do', you do it with ease.
  • Reduce the clutter of the mind - gain focus and clarity so you can get more done in less time. - and prioritise the most important things on your to-do list
  • Steady that internal busyness/unsettled feeling - you'll find yourself with newfound patience and calm, making time with friends and family way more enjoyable
  • Reduce your stress anxiety so you can make clear decisions about your goals.
  • Self-reflection tools to uncover emotions and work through them, helping you sleep better through the night, wake up feeling refreshed, and with more energy to face the day.
  • Shift those unhelpful thoughts and limiting beliefs, and you'll find yourself feeling more inspired and motivated to move forward and make much-needed changes so that you can experience more joy in all areas of your life.

With the busy lifestyle in mind, the Inner Compass Journal is simple to follow, easy to use, and will seamlessly fit into your day. You'll  have more time and energy with the Inner Compass Journal by your side. 


Get your copy today! 



Fine Leather Laminate Cover 

Beautifully designed raised varnish design

A5 Wiro Book


Inner Compass Journal

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