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Morning Mindfulness Meditation

Just 5 minutes is all you need to reduce stress, gain more clarity and focus and improve your health.

Finding a sense of balance first thing will help you keep it throughout the day. So you can smash your business goals, be more present with your family and feel in control of your health.

Got a busy day ahead? Even more reason to meditate in the morning. It'll help you focus, make decisions, and keep your cool.

To get your started on your meditation journey, choose from three options below:

If you're busy but would like to build a consistent routine, my first recommendation is to start the day with this 5-minute routine, including breath work. It's your secret weapon to stay consistent with a morning check-in - you can download it here

My meditations have had over 80,000 listens on Insight Timer and you can  access a different morning meditation here as well as meditations on letting go, insomnia and releasing the judgement of others.

Please let me know which one you tried and how you're going with it!

If you'd like a private one-on-one meditation session, or you'd like to book me to run workshops or mindfulness sessions at your workplace, you can contact me here.

Love Louise

Louise Fitzgerald is a Mindfulness Meditation teacher, Intuitive and Spiritual Coach. Supporting people to deepen their relationships to others and themselves, start the right business, and navigate the ups and downs of dating on their way to meeting their dream partner. Learn more about Louise here.


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