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The surprising trick to feel more joy and happiness in life

The biggest blocker to your joy and happiness might be a surprise...

My first question to you is how do you feel about anger? sadness? guilt? shame?

My guess is that you'd rather not feel them, in fact, I wonder if you push them away?

One amazing insight I've had as an intuitive and working with so many clients is seeing how emotions from the past, play out in the present. How the feelings don't go away if we don't deal with them.

The stress we carry now about a certain situation now, so very often is connected to an experience we had as a child.

But what has this got to do with joy?

Well, when these feelings arise, we tend to want to mute them like a YouTube ad. The interesting thing about that YouTube ad is that even though it's muted, it's still playing in the background right?

The same thing goes for our emotions. They don't go away, they just play in the background.

The other interesting thing is, just like muting the YouTube ad, we might end up muting the good parts too.

This is also true of our emotions. When we mute one, we mute them all.

So the big secret to why you might not be able to feel joy and happiness as fully as you'd like, is that you're not feeling those other emotions fully.

Yes, it can feel uncomfortable, but my suggestion is always to start small. Start the practice of writing in your journal every night. What happened in the day and how you felt about it.

Notice also how often anger comes up, it is usually a cover for emotions sitting underneath. So if you feel anger about something, dig a little deeper.

You might write in your journal - what's underneath this anger, and then write whatever comes out, don't filter it.

This process will start to translate into life the more you practice in your journal.

If you have a tricky situation at work, excuse yourself to the bathroom, notice what emotions arise, breathe through them, and allow yourself to feel them.

By allowing these not-so-comfortable emotions to process their way through you, I promise you'll feel less stressed, lighter on your feet, and able to FEEL more of the happiness and joy in your life that you want too!

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