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What you want isn't always what you need and here's why...

Are you feeling frustrated by having these goals and seeing that they aren't happening?

Is the pressure to have things arrive in a certain timeframe and in a certain way making you feel overwhelmed?

In hindsight, we can usually see how not receiving the thing we wanted, ended up working out for our highest good.

So if you are currently frustrated with the way things are panning out. Here is a helpful journaling exercise that can help you get that perspective now:

1. Write a list of things you wanted in the past but didn't get (e.g. jobs, relationships, etc.)

2. Write a list of what you received instead

3. Write down all the ways you are grateful for receiving #2 instead of #1, and use this list to remind yourself that sometimes things work out better than we expect when they don't go to our plan.

I hope this helps you to step back, take the pressure off, and trust that a different path is unfolding for you, that might be better than the one you had in mind.

If you've ever compared yourself to others, wondering why you're not 'further along', you're not alone.

Dive even deeper on this episode of The Louise Fitzgerald Podcast. 'When the timelines of life don't look the way we want them to..' Click here to listen now on Spotify.

Louise xx

what you want isn't always what you need

'What you want isn't always what you need'


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