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Louise Fitzgerald Intuitive Spiritual Coach

Guiding you to find clarity & confidence in life's big moments, break free from limitations, trust yourself and take action


Intuitive & spiritual coaching to support your connection to self, direction, clarity, and motivation to move forward. 

Boost fertility and nurture your healthy pregnancy. Emotional, mental, and spiritual guidance and support for your fertility & pregnancy journey.

Shift your mindset and energy to attract and be ready for your dream person

"Louise is an amazing intuitive! Her information will blow you away, from the tiniest details that only you would know about, to bigger messages and emotions that stop you in your tracks because they are so incredibly moving and thought-provoking..."

"Louise has helped me process past traumas, cut off links to toxic people, and understand my purpose. I could not recommend her highly enough! She has a true gift. Do yourself a favour and book in for a session! With Louise's guidance, changing your mindset will change your life."

"I saw Louise when I had a roadblock and couldn't think clearly. I felt lost, confused and lacked confidence. She provided insight and clarity on where I was at in my life and opened my eyes to different pathways I could take. I felt more lifted, positive and certain about moving forward with my decision. This is the reason why I continue to work with Louise."


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Insight Timer - over 80,000 plays

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The Creative Zone Podcast with Tali Brash


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One session with me and you'll be...

  • Turning that fatigue into radiance - everyone will be asking if you got that glow from Sephora.

  • Courageously articulating your needs and having them met

  • Confident you can face whatever life throws at you (and actually thrive)

That's what 100s of clients of mine have found. They come to me because they want transformation and I deliver it to them in the form of Intuitive messages and downloads. It might even sound a little 'woo-woo' to you, but yes, I have abilities that allow me to receive the answers you need to guide you through your physical, emotional and spiritual growth journey.​

Improve your focus in just 5 minutes  ...

My name is Alexa Young

Stop doom scrolling when you wake up! Have more energy and focus with this 5 minute morning routine.

What could more focus give you? Creative business ideas, smashing through your to-do list or just being more present with your family.


Grab your FREE 5-minute morning checklist, and claim a more joyful, calmer,  in-control you.

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Inner Compass Journal
"The Inner Compass Journal is immensely helpful for my family routine.  The meditations are amazing!  I am definitely a lot more calmer and collected... I look forward to practising my routines, especially the nighttime ones as it helps me sleep. Thank you for this wonderful journal."

Inner Compass Journal

Life is busy, it's hard to do all the things you need to do…

And sometimes looking after yourself feels like another thing to add to your mental load.

In trying to reduce your stress, you feel more stressed. 

The Inner Compass Journal simplifies self-care. It's your new essential tool to help you overcome stress and overwhelm.

Make the Inner Compass Journal your daily companion to improve your health, help you feel more confident, motivated and energised about life.

Inner compass

The Louise Fitzgerald Podcast

Want to feel inspired and brave to make changes in your life?

How about support and insight to navigate those difficult moments in life?

The Louise Fitzgerald Podcast is your weekly source of motivation and support.


Because healing and personal growth don't need to be difficult and you don't need to go it alone.

The Louise Fitzgerald Podcast


"Louise's storytelling is beautifully honest, kind, and genuinely helpful, and had me engaged from beginning to end. Weaving her own life experiences in with intuitive guidance and practical tips & tools, she provides the perfect blend of reflection and action. I know I've found a great podcast when I hear myself wholeheartedly "hmm-ing" out loud when something hits a really relatable or inspiring chord- can't wait to hear more!
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