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How to be more confident in my own decisions - 3 quick tips

Do you ask yourself why do I lack confidence in my decisions? Or get frustrated at your own indecision?

Being more confident in your own decisions is absolutely game-changing. After all, we make little and big decisions every day. Try these 3 quick tips to start making decisions with more confidence.

  1. Break the pattern of outside opinion - If you're indecisive you might have built up the habit of calling friends or relatives and asking them what you should do. There is actually no issue in talking things out - in fact, this is almost the number one way I problem solve, by talking it out! But, the most important thing is that you're taking those outside opinions and running them through your own intuition. So notice how much others are swaying you, making you second-guess, and changing your mind (this is probably the number one cause of indecisiveness - you DO know what you want deep down, but get swayed to something else from external voices). If you fall into this category, it's time to cut off the source for a while. When it comes to your next decision, journal about it and come to your own conclusion, avoid the temptation to ask someone else.

  2. You can always change your mind - One of the biggest things that has helped me navigate big decisions is knowing I can ALWAYS change my mind. You can overthink things if it feels like it's forever. If you remember that at any point you can turn that car around if things aren't working can stop the stalling and keep things moving forward.

  3. Building trust - Trusting ourselves is BIG here. But what if you've made a choice in the past that you feel regret around now? It can make it hard to move forward again, thinking you might end up in a situation you don't like. Remember this, whatever that situation was, you got yourself out of it. You're always wiser than you were before, and the great thing about those feelings of regret is that it teaches you what you don't want. Trust that you'll see the signs and be able to navigate anything that arises.

Know that you can definitely move to a place where you don't lack the self-confidence to make decisions and choices.

You will have a new relationship with yourself and have the trust that you can handle anything life throws at you without feeling so overwhelmed.

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