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What Rose from Titanic and I have in common

Remember the end of Titanic? When elderly Rose drops her heart necklace into the water as a way to let go.

It was as if James Cameron set up a similar scene in my backyard as I watched my phone sink slowly to the bottom of the pool last week.

But I didn't intend to let go, nor did I watch as gracefully & gleefully as Rose.

I thought quickly about jumping in after it, before realising I had the leaf skimmer in my hand, so I scooped like my life depended on it...

I don't think my iPhone 8, which I'm guessing is 6 years old, wanted to be saved, I suspect it was just trying to be put out to pasture. Not on my watch.

I like I hold onto phones in the same way men hold onto their underwear..basically until it no longer resembles the colour, shape, or functionality of its original advertised glory.

Why do I do this? Maybe it was growing up watching my dad mend and repair things constantly…

In fact, last week he taught me how to salvage two doors in our house rather than getting new ones, saving us $1200

But it is an interesting concept, how long is too long to hold onto something?

When is it time to let go? Of a belief, a way of doing things, a relationship?

This is a dance that we must each learn ourselves.

I work with clients who stay in things too long, and others that want to run too quickly.

This is the key to uncover about yourself.

Where do you sit on this spectrum and how is it serving you?

If you're feeling like it's time to release some things, check out my free Letting Go meditation, here on Insight Timer.

Louise xx

p.s. After a day of sitting in rice, my iPhone 8 has turned on and stayed on. Viva la iPhone 8.

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