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What is intuitive guidance?

A common question I get is, what is Intuitive Guidance?

To be fair, people are familiar with mediums, psychics but not so much intuitives.

I'll be honest, with my unique set of abilities I've never fit in a box. Don't like boxes, never have. So Intuitive is just a label because sometimes we need them right?

To quote Liam Neeson in Taken - "I do have a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career." But change 'career' for life.

I was born with the ability to read energy. So I can see, hear, sense, and feel things that others can't. I've had premonitions since I was young and realised I could see what was really going on for someone, beneath the surface, beyond what they were telling me or conscious of. I've trained these abilities to not only read the energy, but shift it. I've expanded my knowledge to ensure my toolkit is packed to help you with your unique situation.

So when it comes to intuitive guidance, essentially I'm taking that information I'm receiving, interpreting it and presenting it to the client, guiding them through whatever they might be facing right now.

I simply read the energy and present it to the client, I never tell them what to do. And if you ever work with someone that does, run.

It's so important that you're running everything past your own intuition and you're making your own decisions.

You can learn more about Intuitive Guidance Sessions and how I run them here. They are all remote, meaning I work with people all around the world as we just connect on Zoom.

Louise Fitzgerald is a Mindfulness Meditation teacher, Intuitive and Spiritual Coach. Supporting people to deepen their relationships to others and themselves, start the right business, and navigate the ups and downs of dating on their way to meeting their dream partner. Learn more about Louise here.

Louise Fitzgerald Intuitive and Spiritual Coach

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