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How to stay hopeful when dating is so hard?

Dating these days is hard. But it's not impossible.

The thing that breaks my heart is when good people stop putting in effort or take themselves off the field completely.

I get it, it's hard not to take it personally when you're chatting with people and getting nothing back, or getting rejected or ghosted.

And there's certainly times where it feels like your standards are too high because you keep getting rejected, so it must be a sign right?

In this episode of The Louise Fitzgerald Podcast, I dive into all things rejection, motivation and how to stay hopeful when dating. I also give practical tips on how to take back your time and energy from the wrong ones so you are ready for the right ones.

couple how to stay hopeful when dating is so hard

And if you're struggling to stay positive and losing hope that there's any good ones left, you need to download this FREE GUIDE - Dating Reset - 7 tips to shift your energy and mindset to attract the right partner. Click to download your free dating transformation guide

attract your dream partner 7 ways to shift your energy and mindset


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